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Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce allows you to restrict shipping methods based on conditions. For example, you can disable free shipping for orders…


WooCommerce Conditional Shipping is a universal shipping extension for WooCommerce which allows to set up virtually any shipping scenario.

Create unlimited shipping zones and shipping methods, define costs per order, per weight unit or per item, set up multiple conditions that need to be matched for each method to become available. Additional charges let you charge additionally for non-standard items or set up shipping costs per shipping class. This WooCommerce Shipping plugin also boasts powerful marketing features, like rewarding your loyal customers with free (or reduced rate) shipping based on their previous shopping experience.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Features

  • Create unlimited shipping methods
  • Create unlimited shipping zones based on country, state or postcode
  • Create unlimited additional charges per product or shipping class
  • Charge per order, weight unit, shipping class, product or quantity unit
  • Charge fixed amount or percentage of cart subtotal
  • Configure conditions for shipping methods and additional charges
  • More than 20 configurable conditions to choose from
  • Select shipping method automatically or allow users to choose
  • Base calculations on prices including or excluding tax
  • Set shipping tax status as taxable or nontaxable
  • Simple, ergonomic and easy to use user interface
  • Can be used as a marketing tool, e.g. free shipping for loyal customers


Version 1.4.1, 25 August 2021
* Fix - Security issue related to settings import/export functionality

Version 1.4, 12 July 2021
* Feature - New condition "Shipping method" for additional charges
* Feature - New group of conditions "Cart Items Quantity" 
* Feature - New group of conditions "Cart Items Subtotal" 
* Feature - New group of conditions "Date & Time" 
* Feature - New group of conditions "Customer Purchase History" 
* Feature - New condition "Payment method" 
* Feature - New condition "Cart item count" 
* Feature - New condition "Cart items - Variations" 
* Feature - New condition "Spent - Average per order" 
* Feature - Settings import and export capability
* Tweak - User interface redesigned for better user experience
* Tweak - User interface load time greatly improved
* Tweak - Better control of when and how additional charges are applied
* Tweak - Proprietary shipping zones removed, use WC shipping zones instead
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements
* Dev - Plugin mostly rewritten, any customizations need to be adapted

Version 1.3.5, 10 July 2020
* Tweak - Checked compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.4, 23 July 2019
* Feature - Added options to set absolute min/max shipping rate
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
* Tweak - Min supported WordPress version changed to 4.0
* Tweak - Min supported WooCommerce version changed to 3.0
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements
* Dev - Added filter wooship_shipping_rate_calculated_cost

Version 1.3.3, 12 October 2017
* Feature - New wildcard for postcode matching @ which matches multiple characters
* Fix - Multiple currencies not supported in subtotal condition
* Fix - Incorrect logic in postcode condition check
* Fix - Postcode matching is case sensitive
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.2, 14 April 2017
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.1, 17 June 2016
[*] Fixed error related to use of function return value in write context

Version 1.3, 17 June 2016
[+] Added support for WooCommerce Shipping Zones
[+] Introduced additional charges per product category
[+] Added an option to automatically select the most expensive shipping method
[+] Added two new numeric operators to conditions - not more than, more than
[*] Fixed WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility issues
[*] Improved compatibility with other plugins that use Select2
[*] Fixed compatibility issue with Subscriptio extension
[*] Updated automatic updates class
[*] Deprecated proprietary shipping zones

Version 1.2.1, 12 April 2016
[*] Improved compatibility with WordPress 4.5
[*] Updated automatic updates class
[*] Other minor improvements

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Download Conditional Free Shipping v2.02 – WooCommerce Plugin Nulled Free

Fix: a problem with option loading from the latest version of WooCommerce made the “don’t remove these shipping methods even if free shipping is available” methods disappear from the cart page