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E-Academy - Online Classes

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We all are in the middle of a pandemic and it’s no doubt that these hard times have affected us all. Due to the ongoing crisis, all the education centers are also locked down, and teachers & educational institutions have come online to make sure that the studies are continued, and there is no educational loss of students.

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Designed by highly-experienced and qualified developers, E – Academy is an online platform that is specially created for tuition classes, coachings, agencies, and other educational institutes. E – Academy brings ease and convenience with the conduction of the online classes, and provides you with the options to manage courses, provide online guidance, and conduct online papers/tests/exams and provide results as well.

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Username – ACAD12491
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Please check the Online Documentation for more details of the Script.

But, there is one problem…conducting and managing online classes is not an easy job, and even a small problem or a hindrance in the online classes can severely affect the studies as well as results of students. That’s why we have developed E – Academy, an online class and course management system to bring ease and convenience in conduction online classes, course management of online classes, and all the other activities related to online classes that can easily give a headache to both students & teachers.

Highly convenient & easy to operate, manage, and use, E – Academy has all the features and aspects to manage and organize all your online classes, courses, students, and teachers in one place. Also, E – Academy is a cross-browser compatible website, which means it can function across different browsers easily.

Developed and built on the renowned – CI abbreviated as the “CodeIgniter” MVC framework, E – Academy is a reliable platform that can be a solution to all your problems related to online classes and course management activities.

1. Manage Courses

With the help of E – Academy, you can easily manage all the courses that are being taught at your online classes/institute. You can select the courses you think should be taught at your institute, you can manage the syllabus and length of the courses you selected, you can remove the courses from the institute’s syllabus if you think they are not beneficial for students or you can add more courses to your institute’s syllabus if you think those courses must be taught to students. Choosing the right courses for your institute is a crucial task as they affect students, teachers, and the institute as a whole. So, E – Academy gives you the option to choose and manage the courses properly, so both the students and your institute can have a bright future.

2. Online Papers

Online exams/tests/papers are necessary to be conducted regularly even when we are in lockdown, as they are one of the best ways through which a student’s growth and progress in studies can be known. And with the help of E – Academy, online exams/tests (practice or mock) can be easily conducted by teachers/institute. With the help of E – Academy students can easily attend online exams/tests from the comfort of their homes. Also, with the assistance from E – Academy you can manage upcoming exams (vacancy) and create exams/tests (practice or mock), to make sure that your students are performing well at their studies, and if not, then you can take corrective actions to improve their result.

3. Batch Management

Batch management is really important in an educational institute as it affects both students and teachers, and if not done with caution, then it can affect the studies of students and can affect their studies & result, and also it can affect the teaching methods and techniques of teachers as well. So, with the help of E – Academy, you can efficiently manage the batches in your institution and can create batches according to the subjects/courses offered in your institution, numbers of teachers and students, numbers of students in each class/batch, timings of classes, and so on.

4. Student/Teacher Management

Student and teacher management is one of the most important aspects in the management of an educational institute, as all the services from the institute are for the students and teachers are the backbones of an educational institute. With the help of this feature from E – Academy, you can easily manage the students and teachers in your institute according to the numbers of teachers and students, teacher qualification and experience, number of students in each batch/class, responsibilities given to teachers, and so on. Teachers are at the heart of the learning process and all the efforts made by an educational institute is for students only, so a student/teacher management system is essential for the success of any education system.

5. Student/Teacher login

At E – Academy, we provide you with the feature of student/teacher login, through which you can keep the records of every student and teacher login and logout time, attendance of every student, leaves taken by teachers, the numbers of online classes attended by every student, and so on. This feature can reduce the daily work of taking attendance, and helps to keep and manage the attendance records of every student and teacher conveniently and securely.

6. Homework/Extra Classes

We all know that homework is really important as it helps teachers to know how well the lessons are being understood by their students and homework allows students to review class material & teaches them how to problem solve, and so on. So with the help of this feature from E – Academy, teachers can easily give homework to students, keep the record of homework given to students, check the homework done by students, etc. Also, sometimes extra classes are needed to complete the syllabus, for extra preparation, or for any other reasons. And E – Academy helps teachers to schedule extra classes for students, to give prior notice to students about extra classes, to keep the record of extra classes conducted, and so on.

1. Features for Admin –

At E – Academy, we know that the admin is the one who looks over the online platform and makes sure that it is working properly, and that’s the reason we provide some convenient features to the admin(s).

With the help of E – Academy, admin can easily look over and Manage The Batch of Students/Classes, Manage The Courses and Subjects that are been taught in classes, and also schedule or dismiss the extra classes, i.e. Manage Extra Classes.

At E – Academy you get features like to Manage Questions, Create Exam/Test (Practice or Mock), & Manage Upcoming Exams (Vacancy) to make sure that your students are keeping up with studies and performing well at studies, and if not, then you can take corrective actions to improve their result.

Also through E – Academy you get to Upload Video Lecture(s) (through Youtube Links), so even if your students fail to attend any of the online classes, still then they can keep up with the studies with the help of uploaded video lecture(s).

Displaying the right information at the right time can be one of the most important factors of any online platform, so at E – Academy you get the feature to Manage Notice(s), so your students & teachers can keep up with all the news, information, upcoming events, etc.

With E – Academy, you get the feature to safely Login at your online platform, and also you get the feature to Manage Teachers through which you can see subjects and classes by every teacher, etc.

2. Features for Students (In App.) –

As E – Academy is created to help out the students to keep up with their studies and have no educational loss in these hard times, so here we provide students with some special features, which makes online classes much more convenient for them.

Students can See Extra Class Timing, to keep up with their extra classes and attend them & they can See Video Lectures to get more knowledge or catch up with their studies if they have missed any online classes.

With the help of E – Academy, students can Attend Online Exams/Tests (Practice or Mock).

Students can receive their Home Work and See Vacancy through the online platform. Also, students will get the feature to Login

at E – Academy, through which they can have the record of their attendance, and see how many online classes they have attended and how many they have missed.

With the help of E – Academy, students can view Notice(s) to get the information/news and keep up with all the events and all the other activities.

3. Features for Teacher –

Teachers are the back-bone of an educational institute, so at E – Academy we make sure they have the access to necessary features, so they can easily conduct online classes and fulfill their duties from their homes.

With the help of E – Academy, teachers can view Notice(s) to get the information/news and keep up with all the events and all the other activities that are going on at their classes/institute.

E – Academy helps teachers to Add Questions and View Exam Papers/Results, to see the student’s progress.

Through E – Academy, teachers can Upload Video Lecture(s) (through Youtube Links), so there is no loss for any student even if they fail to attend any of their online classes.

E – Academy will also provide the feature of Login to teachers through which they can have the record of their attendance as well as leaves. Extra Classes can be scheduled by the teachers for students at E- Academy. Also, E- Academy enables teachers to Manage Home Work of their students.

Main Features

Features for Admin

  • Login
  • Manage Batch
  • Manage Course
  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Questions
  • Create Exam Papers(Practice,Mock)
  • Manage Teachers
  • Manage extra class
  • Manage Students
  • Upload Video Lecture (Youtube Links)
  • Manage Notice
  • Manage Gallery
  • Manage Upcoming Exams (Vacancy)
  • Attendance
  • Question Upload using Excel
  • Live class(zoom)
  • Performance Graph
  • Leave Management
  • Certificate

Features for Students (In App.)

  • Login
  • Profile Edit
  • Announcements
  • Attend Online Exams (Mock MCQ based )/ Practice paper (MCQ).
  • See Extra Class Timing and other details
  • Home Work(Assignment)
  • See Video Lectures subject topic wise.
  • See Vacancy and upcoming exams.
  • Attendance
  • Live class(Zoom).
  • Progress reports charts (Academic record, Practice papers and Mock papers result).
  • Certificate.
  • Live class, top three scorer, other recent notice on dashboard.
  • Apply Leave
  • Setting dashboard.
  • About app & open source library
  • Push Notifications firebase

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