Woo Sale Revolution - Flash Sale+Dynamic Discounts

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Woo Sale Revolution is an All in One sale plugin which you can run different types of sale for your WooCommerce site. You can create unlimited rules with…


Loyalize your customers through targeted promotions and dynamic pricing rules

Imagine walking down the street in the city center, surrounded by any kind of shop. Which are the shop windows that catch your attention? The answer is simple: those that offer particular promotions and discounts. Colored posters that present end-of-season sales, buy two get three, or everything at $10 until the end of the week: these are only some of the most used tricks for commercial activities.

Use the same marketing tricks in your shop using YITH WooCommerce Dynamic pricing and discount: a powerful tool to create targeted promotions to catch your customers’ attention and loyalize them day after day. It’s a plugin that gives dynamism to your e-commerce and lets you increase the visits – and consequently the sales – taking advantage of the fundamental marketing strategies.

Discounts, special prices, promotions, bonuses, free products: there are no limits but your own imagination: with just one plugin, you will be able to build hundreds of promotions to boost up your shop.


Manage any type of discounts, promotions, and special offers in a few clicks

Use the plugin builder to configure, plan and manage discounts and advanced promotions. You can choose among the most popular offers or create custom promotions based on your needs.

Create any kind of discount or promotion: 3 for 2, 2 for 1, Buy One Get One Free, 50% on the second item, Buy X and get Y for free, and so on and so forth.

The only limit to the special offers you can create will be your imagination: from the intuitive plugin panel, you can create any kind of promotions, choose the products they will apply to, and schedule them for a specific time span.

Apply a massive discount on the whole shop catalog or on products of a specific category with few clicks

You have hundreds of products and you want to give a 10% discount for Black Friday? Want to discount all products in a certain category for one week? No need to manually edit every product, now you can create the discount rule with just a few clicks.

Set up different prices based on the selected product quantity and encourage your users to buy more to get a discount

Set dynamic quantity-based discounts and choose whether to show or not the quantity/price table to inform your users about the promotion.

Create discount rules to apply to the cart

Apply any advanced discount rule to the cart: you can offer a 10% off and free shipping only for orders totalling exceeding $300 or if the cart includes at least a specific number of items; you can create a discount that applies only to specific users or user roles as well as customers who placed a certain number of orders in your shop or exceeded a defined spent threshold.

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