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Loyalize your customers with points-based loyalty programs and instant rewards. The collection of points is a very powerful tool to involve and loyalize…


Loyalize your customers with points-based loyalty programs and instant rewards

The collection of points is a very powerful tool to involve and loyalize customers and allow them to save money or receive a reward after reaching specific point thresholds.

In the landscape of marketing strategies, collector schemes are a milestone in loyalty activities. Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you will be able to encourage users to register to your shop in order to earn points, as well as assign points on every purchase they make, on specific spent thresholds, on their birthday, on every review published on your products, etc. You can also build a powerful referral system and use gamifications to boost your sales through setting targets to get customers to achieve new, levels, public rankings and graphic badges.

Points redeem automatically through a discount coupon applied to the user’s cart. Easy to set up and manage, our plugin is the definitive solution to build a powerful loyalty program for your customers in just a few minutes.


Set a global value and use rules to assign a different amount of points to specific products or categories

Create a global rule to define the number of points to be assigned based on the product value and, if needed, assign a different number to specific products or categories (e.g. you can assign a higher number of points on the purchase of product X only and no points at all to products belonging to category Y).

Set different amounts of points by product
Set different amounts of points by users

Use rules to assign a different amount of points to specific users, user roles, members or users that achieve a specific “level”

All users can get 1 point for each 10$ spent in your shop, that’s okay. But maybe you need more. Maybe you want to reward members (if you use our Membership plugin) or specific users by assigning them 2 points for each 10$ spent. Or, also, you want to use gamification principles and reward the users that collected 1000 points and achieved the “gold” level and assign them 5 points for each 10$ spent. You can create unlimited rules to loyalize and reward your best customers.

Enable point earning for all the users or only for those registered with a specific role

Choose whether to enable point earning for all the users purchasing on your shop or to make it available only to users with a specific role.

Points by user role
Extra points

Assign extra points based on the achievement of some goals or on certain conditions such as the users

Reward your users by assigning extra points when reaching a goal (e.g. extra points after placing 100 orders, after spending a total amount of €1000, when earning 500 points, when achieving a specific level or the #1 position of the ranking, etc.) or on specific conditions (e.g. 10 points on their birthday, 5 points for every review posted, 30 points for each new user registered through

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Download YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards v2.1.2 Nulled Free
= Version 2.1.2 – Released on 24 June 2021 = Thanks To 

* New: Support for WordPress 5.8
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
* Update: YITH plugin framework
* Fix: added currency info to the percentage redeem conversion field
* Fix: fixed points calculations on “My Account” points history
* Fix: fixed style issue in customers tab options
* Dev: added the parameter ‘type’ to the hook ‘ywpar_get_point_earned_price’