FlyingPress – Taking WordPress To New Heights v4.6.5 Nulled

FlyingPress Taking WordPress To New Heights

FlyingPressGet rid of an all-in-one plugin to speed up WordPress sites, from page caching, CDN to image optimization.

Features FlyingPress

  • Ottimizza CSS
    • Generate key and used CSS
    • Asynchronous/interactive loading of unused CSS
  • font optimization
    • Self-hosted, inline and composed Google Fonts
    • Add fallback font on load (display swap)
    • Précharger les polices
  • page cache
    • Generate static HTML pages
    • cache de préchargement
    • Configure Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed ​​to provide caching
    • Preload page in browser on mouseover
    • Varnish integration
  • Image optimization
    • Add missing height and width properties
    • Preload key images
  • Delay JavaScript
    • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
    • Delay script until user interaction
    • Fix render blocking jQuery script
    • lazy loading
      Lazy loading of images and iFrames
      Native or JavaScript lazy loading
      Exclude above folded images
      Lazy load any background image
  • Reduce CSS and JavaScript
    • Minify CSS and JS files on the server or via CDN
  • database cleaner
    • Remove unnecessary entries and optimize the table

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