WooFood — Food Ordering (Delivery/Pickup) Plugin for WooCommerce & Automatic Order Printing

WooFood – Food Ordering (Delivery:Pickup) Plugin for WooCommerce & Automatic Order Printing

WooCommerce for Restaurants – WooFood Delivery Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Ordering made easy with WooFood · Delivery or Pickup (Takeaway) . Distance Restrictions. · Automatic or Live Manual Order Acceptance.

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WordPress Ordering made easy with WooFood


  • Delivery or Pickup (Takeaway) . You can configure to accept both delivery or takeaways orders
  • Distance Restrictions. You can set a maximum delivery distance based on km/miles using Google API’s , design your delivery area set only the postal codes you are delivering too.
  • Automatic or Live Manual Order Acceptance. By default all food orders are automatically accepted. However you have the option to enable the manual Live Accept/Decline option to accept or reject orders in live mode while the same time you are informing also the customer with the approximate delivery time .
  • Delivery Hours / Pickup Hours . You can configure in full which days and hours you want to accept orders. You can also customize the timeslots will appear to the customer available for delivery or pickup or set also a maximum number of orders you want to accept per timeslot.
  • Delivery Fee . You can also set a fixed Delivery Fee or even dynamic delivery fee based on Distance .Delivery Fee can be also changed using custom filters for more extensibility based on your needs.
  • Extra Options . You can create your own Extra Option Categories (like toppings , extras etc) and assign them to the Products you want . You can both assign them to simple and variable products.
  • Multistore Plugin . Multistore Plugin included which adding the functionality for restaurant to add more than one location. The Order can be sent of-course to the nearest to customer store .
  • Automatic Printing Orders. WooFood including also an automatic printing software working on Windows and Mac. Automatic Printing Software will automatically print all orders automatically while inform you also with a sound notication when a new order is arriving. You can also disable/enable any food products you may stop have available directly from the software without having to access the WordPress backend.

WooFood – Food Ordering (Delivery/Pickup) Plugin for WooCommerce & Automatic Order Printing

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