MiniPOS Offline – Xamarin.Forms Mobile POS Application with License System Nulled

MiniPOS Offline – Xamarin.Forms Mobile POS Application with License System

About MiniPOS

MiniPOS is a mobile point of sale application designed to simplify sales transactions and enhance customer experience. Developed using Xamarin.Forms, MiniPOS is a cross-platform solution that offers a range of features to help merchants manage their inventory, process orders, and track sales. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate menus, MiniPOS is ideal for small businesses, pop-up shops, and individuals looking for a powerful yet simple POS solution on their mobile device. Whether you’re selling products or services, MiniPOS makes it easy to sell, issue receipts, and keep track of your sales data.

This is Offline version. The application stores data locally with SQLite Database. It’s comes with License Management Module, mobile devices need to activate the app by license key . With this application, you are assured to save time-consumming process of developing mobile point of sale system that supports both Android and iOS devices.

Install the app and preview instantly

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Application Features

  • Pos function, add sale orders, discounts, print invoice, pdf invoice
  • Use device camera as barcode scanner, call out items quickly
  • Warehouse, inventory and stock management
  • Expenses & incomes management
  • Product management: add/modify/delete products
  • Report profit, stock, stock balanced, expenses & imcome, trending items…
  • Product categories and units management
  • Suppliers, customers management
  • Database management, backup, restore, Excel import/export

License Management System

This system is designed as a separated module, or it’s an optional: you can enable/disable license system. When enabled, users need to enter a license key in order to activate the app.

  • License registration form with owner contact information
  • License Expiry: can be assigned per each license. Default is 365 days.
  • License Expired Reminder: able to notify user for license expiration, advance notification days is configurable.

iOS App Preview

Note: Bluetooth direct printing is NOT AVAILABLE in iOS, only PDF invoice available.

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Demo Info

Step 1: Install App (Android)

Click below image to Install Android app from Google Play :

MiniPOS Offline - Xamarin.Forms Mobile POS Application with License System - 10

Step 2: Generate A License

Create a new license from License Managment Dashboard:

License Dashboard:
Admin credentials: [email protected] | 123Pa$$word!
User credentials: [email protected] | 123Pa$$word!

Step 3: Activate Your License

Open mobile app, register your device with the generated license and start trying MiniPOS.

Excel Import TemplateClick here to download

❓ Need help?

Mailbox: [email protected]

Business time: Mon – Fri, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM GMT+7


Download-MiniPOS Offline – Xamarin.Forms Mobile POS Application with License System


Release Notes

v2.1.7 – 27 Apr, 2023

  Fix bug on cart item when user add custom quantity in sale and stock in module
  Fix error XamlC error XFC0000 : Cannot resolve type "MediaElement" 
  iOS app improvement, supports iOS 16.2, (built with XCode 14.2, Xamarin.iOS
  Update Admob earning system, added config to enable/disable Ads

v2.1.6 – 25 Apr, 2023

  Using Font icons instead of images
  Fix app crashed when enable bluetooth printer connection
  Fix issue price show zero value when import products from Excel
  Added configuration to enable/disable license system
  Use web url for Terms of Use, Privacy Policy screens
  Remove redundancy resources

V2.1.2 (Updated: 17 Jun 2022)

  Stock Report: added Stock out report chart
  Mobile app: activate license to use app
  License Management: added license management dashboard + license control api

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