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Nazmart Nulled – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Website Builder SaaS PHP Scripts. It use Separate Database for each Tenants, so that your website load …

Nazmart Nulled – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Website Builder SaaS PHP Scripts. It use Separate Database for each Tenants, so that your website load fast, has option to add custom domains. automatic subdomain creations and much more. it comes with a different 04 theme with necessary inner pages, it will help your tenant to eCommerce website easily without hassle or thinking much about design. it also has 20+ payment gateway, will more than 150currency support. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

Why This Script Require VPS? [not mandatory]
This script require VPS because, this script required few settings which usually does not allow in shared hosting or shared vps. Like Mysql root access (parent phpmyadmin access), Wildcard Subdomain, Cron Jobs, Php Configuration Settings, PHP new extension install and Enable , Mysql Version Update etc. now nazmart also support shared hosting here is video tutorial How to use NazMart In Shared Hosting


Why This Script Require MySQL Root Access? [not mandatory]
It must need mysql root access, to give privileges to script database user, for create database dynamically whenever new user created their website. without mysql root access ( root username and password ) you can not achieve this. otherwise each time user create website you need to create database manually and connect with that user.

May i use install the script in a subdomain?
no, this script require to install in the root domain like, because the system will generate subdomain for your user created website. which will look like, if you install the script in subdomain it will not able to create subdomain over subdomain for your users website

What should i ask to them before purchase vps ?[not mandatory]
here is few question you need to ask your hosting provider before purchase a vps to use this script.

  1. will it provide mysql root access (root username and password)
  2. is it support wildcard subdomain
  3. is it support wildcard subdomain ssl ( it is require to make sure your user create website has ssl certificate )
  4. Ability to change and upgrade PHP Version
  5. Ability to install PHP Extensions
  6. Cron Job Support
  7. Mysql Version is getter than 5.7
  8. PHP Version is getter than 8.0

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